About Rotary Club of Mumbai Borivali East

Rotary Mumbai Borivali East

Rotary Club of Mumbai Borivali East (RCMBE), was chartered on 24th May, 2003 devoted to the ideal of Fellowship through service. The Club meets every Tuesday at 8.30 pm at Rotary Medical Centre, Ashok Van, Borivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

RCMBE has been at forefront of service and fellowship Members of the club are like family.. The unique single classification concept of Rotary allows the RCMBE, a membership compromising a high performance cross-section of successful business and professional men and women, all accomplishers in their own field ranging from doctors to CAs, legal luminaries to bankers, entrepreneurs to educationalists and merchandisers to communicators. The Club offers a stimulating fellowship based on a fascinating diversity of interests in business, arts, sciences and the professional expertise of its members.

This Club has inspired the incorporation of 3 Interact clubs, with about 300 school children as members, and 1 Rotaract clubs with a membership of about 40 young men & women.

From the very beginning the pulse of Rotary has been and always will be Community Service. Flagship project of RCMBE has been Rotary Medical Centre, in service from 2005 onwards. RCMBE has runs a successful Skin Donation Awareness campaign. Eco-friendly Ganpati, imparting spoken and written English language teaching. The club has carried out more than 5000 free cataract surgeries. . The Club has been able to attempt a number of service programmes only because of generous donations of time and money by the members.

The prayer in silence with faith for love is service in peace. – Mahatma Gandhi

Rotary International

Rotary International is the most territorial organisation in the world. It exists in more than 200 countries and territories and cuts across dozens of languages, political and social structures, customs, religions and traditions. How is it that all of the more than 35,500 Rotary Clubs of the world operate in almost identical style? The primary answer is the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.